Film Friday: Last Christmas

Kate works as a professional elf in a Christmas shop, with her boss who loves the festive season so much she has nicknamed herself Santa. Kate however is totally self-absorbed, pursuing her own version of happiness and wreaking trouble on everyone else along the way. In reality she is collapsing from the inside out, and she numbs the pain with drink and men. Then she meets a good, kind guy called Tom, who keeps dropping by, and in spite of herself Kate starts to fall for him.

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A year ago Kate had an operation and was given a new heart. This saved her life. But it is actually the selfless love of another that really begins to change her life. She lifts her gaze from her own little world and starts to notice the needs of others. And more than notice, to get involved.

The artist-prophet Ezekiel has a vision once day (have a look at Ezekiel 36 v 26). In it he sees a heart transplant, one like no other. A stony heart is removed from a person and a new healthy heart put in its place. The dramatic scene is a prophetic promise, and a picture offered to us all. The selfless love of another can give us a new heart. A new beginning. And Christmas is the new dawn promised here. The creator-child with the power to give us a new heart, a fresh start, on a daily basis. Day after day refreshing and renewing us. Look after your heart, the writer of Proverbs (chapter 4 verse 23) urges us. Our hearts get damaged and calloused by life, and others (with their own damaged hearts) spray harmful graffiti on the core of our being. We need a regular refit. A constant heart-wash. And again this brings us back to Christmas. This nativity man, God in regular clothes, in jeans and a sweatshirt, in your street and mine; who can understand us, identify with us, and help us to regularly start again. A selfless, new-start God who sees the needs of others, and can help us to do the same. As he changes us from the inside out.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Dave – Thanks for reminding me about the heart transplant theme in Ezekiel 36:26. It is comforting to read about this as I have been struggling with a heart issue called atrial fibrillation. Your blog is edifying!

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