Monday Rewrite: A Tough Cold Climb

Jesus stands staring into the distance. Peter approaches him.

P. Are you all right there Jesus, you look… a bit pensive.

J. What?

P. You look… not yourself. You look tense, you look tired.

J. Oh I’ve just been reading some of the old prophets.

P. There’s some good stuff in there, eh?

J. Yea. Costly stuff too.

P. Costly?

J. About the way of change. About the power of humility and sacrifice.

P. Yea, but those days are past. You’re here now to sort all that out.

J. Exactly. That’s the point. The cost of change. Doesn’t come cheap. A life laid down and all that…

P. Yes but you don’t want to worry about that. Think of the other night out there walking on water, calming storms. Feeding all those people. That’s gonna change things.

J. No. Not really. Takes something else. Something more. A radical redeemer. That’s what the prophets say. So I’ve been lying awake at nights, praying for courage.

P. You don’t need courage!

J. Oh I do. Believe me I do. I could snap my fingers and walk away from all this mess. Keep myself out of trouble. I need courage Peter.

P. Yea but…

J. No buts Peter. The road lies right here. Waiting. But it’s not smooth or easy. More like a mountain some days. A tough cold climb. (Pauses then smiles) Ooh look, there’s some children come to see us.

P. Oh I’ll stop them if you’re feeling rough…

J. Don’t you dare. They’re just what I need right now…

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  1. Caroline Smith says:

    Dave, this has become a perfect reflection for me today.
    Thanks for contributing to our journey of change and seeing it from a different perspective.

    Hope you guys are ok?

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