Monday Rewrite: Not This Story

There used to be an ancient tale about a woman throwing a party. But that is not this story. This story is about a king. Who’s throwing a party. Which okay, is similar. And there used to be a story about fine wines and good food and invitations sent out. And though this tale is admittedly similar, and features those things, trust me, it’s not that old tale. And though there was a story about lots of folks coming to the party to learn and grow and develop, that’s where this tale really serves up a curved ball. Because this new tale of a king and a party and invitations and fine wines and good food ends up in a whole other place. Because the invitations went out and folks didn’t come. Instead they made up feeble excuses. Because, in a culture where people were careful with their cash, and only splashed out on land once they’d given it a thorough checking over, these folks in this new tale said they couldn’t come to the best party in town, because they’d already bought land and WERE ONLY NOW GOING TO CHECK IT OVER! Really? I mean… really? What’s that all about? Isn’t it a bit like saying, ‘I’d love to come to the latest royal wedding but I’ve got to cut my toenails that day.’ So… is it just a daft twist on an old story? Or is it something else? Something about making up excuses to avoid the offer of a new story, a new start, a new reality? And maybe there’s something in there too for all of us who feel ridiculous and make daft choices at times. And find ourselves lost in cul-de-sacs and dark alleys. The invitation keeps coming to us. A bright hope. A fresh start. Day after day. And if not in this tale, then in the other stories about lost things being found.

Proverbs 9, Luke 14 v 16-20, Luke 15

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  1. Rachel Baker says:

    Brilliant Dave
    A further step back from the edge of finding out .
    No longer even close to the cliff – back as far as the car park or even supermarket .

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