Film Friday: Military Wives

Military Wives

With their husbands away serving in Afghanistan, chalk and cheese organisers, Kate and Lisa, form a choir to help lift the spirits of the wives left on the home front. These are women who have never sung together before and yet are surprised by what is possible when they come together. As they shelter under a bridge, while out on a wild walk, they have one of those great unplanned friendship moments…

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If this film is about anything it is surely about pulling together in a crisis – based on the seeds of a true story which has now become a movement of strength and hope for thousands. You may remember Gareth Malone’s TV programme which told the real life story of the women who went all the way to the Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance.

YouTube video

In these current days of trouble Gareth Malone has been at it again. With so many choirs and groups currently unable to meet together he is offering another way. The GREAT BRITISH HOME CHORUS aims to give everyone the opportunity to contribute their voices and instruments to an ambitious digital music project. Just click these links below to discover more.  

Evening Standard Article on The Great British Home Chorus

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Sometimes a crisis brings creative ideas and new thinking. I was hearing just yesterday about the actress Lisa Duan who is offering to record poetry to encourage others. She talks about doing what we can, and using what we have to help. For her it is her voice, and so she has been recording and sending requested poems to those getting in touch with her. A producer friend in New York sets the poems to music. The wonders of online possibilities.

‘Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these dark days.’ Paul encourages us in his email to the Ephesians, (chapter 5 verse 16), and again in his second message to his friends the Thessalonians. ‘Never grow tired of doing good.’ Chapter 3 verse 13. Who knows what other ideas may bubble up?

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Thanks for this Dave. I do take your point and am wrestling with how to do good in this time of crisis. I must abandon my street outreach with RealityBites and find other ways to connect with people. I just wish I was better with the online possibilities.

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