Jaws for Thought

A lighthearted tail of something or nothing. Barely an anecdote really, yet also about fears we hold and the way talking with another can sometimes help…

The great fish moved silently though the dark waters. He had read that line at the young age of 12 and had always feared the sea. And great fish. And so he stands here now, overwhelmed by this iconic poster, with the mouth of that great fish moving silently towards the pale body splashing its way noisily through the inky ocean. In the gloom. With the lights out and the dawn too far away. Who knows how long it will take that great fish to strike that vulnerable figure and pull it down into the dark waters? And with the fragility of things as they are, and the vulnerable nature of life as he knows it, how long before he meets a great fish in dark waters? ‘Oops! Sorry love!’ In his rush to escape his fate he bumps into a woman loaded with a tray of something packed in ice. No doubt heading for the market. ‘I always thought he looked a bit fake,’ she says, nodding towards the poster. ‘In the film I mean. A bit cardboard. You should try some.’ Sorry? he says. She holds up the glistening tray. ‘It’s delicious.’ What is? he says. ‘Shark! It’s great! And jolly pleasing to turn the tables on the pesky thing for once.’

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