Monday Rewrite: Sea of Broken Dreams

So many of us sail on the sea of broken dreams,

Disappointed with life and all that it seems

To offer us. Not what we imagined when we were young.

We expected milk and honey but instead keep getting stung.

Born with the breath of innocence in our sails,

It’s not long before we’re ambushed by the sea storms and the gales,

The pirates that steal the bounty of our trust,

And pretty soon our hopes lie there trampled in the dust.

And so we sail on through this sea of broken dreams,

Our sails torn and tattered, boats leaking at the seams,

Splashing coats of paint to cover up the cracks,

Taking on deceptive cargo to fill the nooks and gaps.

Cutting our precarious route through the sad and silly litter,

At times cool or clumsy, at times brash or bitter.

Yet other waters mingle with this discontented sea,

Another subtle stream, flowing differently,

Another kind of passage through these restless sailing days,

An unexpected course through the walls of pounding waves.

A captain who has sailed these seas and plumbed its restless ways,

Sunk and lost his craft on the most treacherous of days.

Faced the pressured depths in this lonely sea of dreams,

Understands our troubled sailing and all the journey means.

Unafraid of the dark, of the madness and the fears,

And offering a hand for these broken dreaming years.

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  1. Senan of Somerset says:

    Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing this Dave.

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