A new reflection: Trust

A new video from Simeon Wood and myself. A reflection on the theme of Trust…


To know peace for the day’s travelling,
For the mountains we must climb,
And the valleys of the nights.
To know assurance that we are heading somewhere
And that we are valued as we head that way.
To have enough confidence to hold our heads up and look forward,
Even when others are trying to push us back.

To believe in forgiveness when temptations bombard us,
Pummelling us like relentless stinging hailstones,
Causing us to lose focus as we blunder down the blind alleys and wrong turns.
To hold on when the storms batter us,
When the way is clouded with energy-sapping despair,
When the safe port seems a long way off,
A destination that others seems so sure is there.

To keep going and not give up,
To have hope for the now, for this precarious moment,
For here, for this space we are in, this step we are taking,
To know ourselves held and treasured,
And strengthened by the hand of one who crafted all good things.
To trust in him, whatever the way ahead looks like,
And to find purpose and meaning in that trust.

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