Festive Film Friday Reflection: Home Alone

When a couple of pesky burglars do their utmost to break into young Kevin’s house, our optimistic hero has to do battle with them, using any means at his disposal, along with all the ideas and courage he can muster. It’s another David and Goliath tale, Kevin really shouldn’t triumph in this one-sided contest. And though both stories involve startling violence, ultimately Kevin’s yarn and David’s adventure are both tales of an underdog winning out with creativity, guts and clear thinking. Teenager David refuses the standard fighting gear and posture, and instead relies upon a/ keeping his distance, b/ the catapult that fits his style perfectly, and c/ his faith in a God bigger than any sneering brute leering across any valley. We face many giants, in many forms, and they can be intimidating and belittling. Let’s face it, life is fraught with challenges. Not least at the moment. May we find what we need in the words David utters as he squares up to the giant in his life – ‘I’m here in the name of the Lord God.’

Lord, please give us the courage, the stamina, the hope and the vision we need for this day. Not because our faith is great, but because You are. Amen.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Fantastic to be reminded of Kevin and Home Alone. Even better to connect Kevin to David and Goliath. Thanks for making me chuckle today Dave.

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