Easter Monday Rewrite: Running

She is running now, her legs not moving fast enough, her heart beating like it might explode. She hadn’t understood at first, hadn’t seen clearly. Had mistaken him for someone else. But that assuring smile in her fright, that guiding voice in her confusion, these had changed everything. She may be dismissed, misunderstood by others, but she knows what she’s experienced. When she came this way earlier the path had been shrouded in darkness. Not now. Now the rising sun lights her steps. Now the risen son is breaking across her life. So she speeds on. Too good for standing still.

They are running now. Back the way they have just come. Not long ago they were trudging this road, feet like lumps of soggy clay, hearts heavy with confusion and disappointment. They hadn’t grasped it, not at first, had been caught in their own troubled thoughts. Arguing about their opinions. They were fleeing, running scared, overwhelmed by all that seemed against them. But these things have melted now. When he broke that bread they saw, the scales practically clattering as they tumbled from their eyes. He’d been with them all the time! With them in their troubles. So they run, their hearts blazing with new life, urgency in their every step, hurtling, blundering, tripping over their own feet at times. Too good for dawdling.

He is running now, his feet kicking up the water as he goes, spray flicking in his face, showering him. He has to lift his feet high to move through the crowded waves, looks nigh on foolish as he does this, but he doesn’t care. That stranger on the shore is no stranger. Not at all. It took him a while to see it. He is still a mess of regrets, struggling and floundering. Huffing as he crashes through the foam. But he soldiers on, looking daft, but not caring. There might just be a second chance for him. This is too good for looking cool.

John 20 v 11-18, Luke 24 v 13-16 & 28-34, John 21 v 1-13

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  1. Annet Kijzer says:

    All is melted by the SUN of RIGHTEOUSNESS
    Our path made pure and clear
    Too good for not embracing this breaking News

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