For Easter Week

A Sunday Moment


The crowds spill out on

A hero-welcoming day,

The town filled for a

Festival now upstaged by

A smiling king on a colt.

The crowds want change and

So does he, but their visions

Are diff’rent, his plan

Leading to surprising loss

And unseemly surrender.

Mark 11 v 1-11


A Monday Moment


After turning the

Tables on folk yesterday,

He points to a tree

Without fruit, like a temple

System which has failed to love.

A house for meeting

God has shut its doors to those

Who most need it. So

Here’s a new place to meet God,

Made of flesh and blood and love.

Matthew 21 v 12-19, John 2 v 13-21


A Tuesday Moment


A trap about cash:

Should they pay taxes to a

Corrupt oppressive power?

The coin he holds in his hand

Claims that Caesar is divine.

But he softly says,

‘Pay Caesar what’s his, and then

Offer God the rest.’

A subtle way of saying,

‘There’s One above earthly powers.’

Mark 12 v 13-17


A Wednesday Moment


They are up in arms!

What’s this woman doing here?

Wasting precious cash!

Spilling expensive perfume

In this nonsensical way.

But he knows there is

Sense in this divine madness,

Mary honouring

All he is, and all he’ll do

For all creation this week.

John 12 v 1-7


A Thursday Moment


How did he manage

To eat anything that night?

Knowing all that was

To unfold – betrayal and

Abandonment by his friends.

But he shares this food,

And uses it to point to

A feast that won’t end,

Bought with his blood and body:

We need food and drink and Him.

Luke 22 v 14-20


A Friday Moment 1


Time stands still in a

Way: this Friday will always

Be here for us, a

Place of forgiveness, a place

Where we can bring our burdens.

Three crosses up here,

The one in the centre now

Central to all time.

Casting its long shadow back

And forth through eternity.

Luke 23 v 32-43


A Friday Moment 2


On this day, as he
now empties himself here on
this cross, he is making
way for the fullness of
God to expand within him.

So he can bring full
Life to all he meets down the
ages, knowing he
must fill a tomb with himself,
so he can break out of it.

1 Corinthians 15 v 55


A Saturday Moment


A day for questions,

For emptiness and longing,

A day of hiding

And wondering if there’ll be

A tomorrow worth living.

His body lying

Quietly, as if he’s lost

The biggest battle,

As if all we had hoped for

Now lies broken in dust.

Luke 23 v 50-56


A Sunday Moment


There are no words to

Truly sum up the telling

Of this story, this

Twist, this punchline, this feelgood

Dawn which tops all the others.

In a way it can

Perhaps only be glimpsed as

We visit that tomb

In our own time, our own way,

Seeing the Son rise for us.

John 20


A Sunday Moment


Like so many of

Us, they were feeling alone,

Were unaware of

His presence with them, guiding

Them, helping, walking with them.

They’d felt abandoned,

Confused and disappointed,

Then they met him in

The moment of bread broken,

Emmanuel, God with us.

Luke 24 v 13-33


A Startling Moment


God of surprises,

He was surely smiling when

He walked in through that

Locked door, no ghost but hungry

For a fresh fried fish supper.

Full of life once more,

Appearing with good news in

His hands: forgiveness,

Peace, assurance, a new start,

Always with us, on our side.

Luke 24 v 35-49, Romans 8 v 31-39


An Honest Moment


Doubting Thomas has

Gone down in history for

His lack of faith…

And yet, surely, he was just

Being himself – Honest Tom.

Often spoke his mind,

And his desire for some proof

Led to a blessing

For you and me – ‘Blessed are those

Who believe without seeing.’

We can surely come

Like honest Tom, as we are,

With our fears and doubts,

Our hopes, moods, anguish, questions,

Offering these in our worship.

John 20 v 24-29


A Big Crowd Moment


We don’t know their names,

Have no Instagram picture

Of the day when they

Met the king of all history,

The life-changing carpenter.

But this tale lives on,

Down the ages it comes to us,

So many of us,

Great and small, rich and poor, meet

The king and are helped and changed.

1 Corinthians 15 v 3-9, Acts v 1-5


A Forgiving Moment


Peter may have claimed

He did not know him… but they

All ran away, all

Abandoned their friend. And so

Must all have felt pretty bad now.

But there’s a stranger

On the shore, waiting to cook

Breakfast for his friends,

Holding no grudge, and bringing

Forgiveness and a fresh start.

John 21 v 1-13


A Restoration Moment


‘You know that I love you.’

You know the limits of our

Love, of our courage,

Our strength, faith and devotion,

You know the fears that grip us.

Yet you still call us

To walk with you, never give

Up on us… you slow

Down to our pace, and assure

Us that we matter to you.

John 21 v 15-19, Romans 7 v 21-8 v 1


A Heartening Moment


Lord we thank you for

This Easter time that transcends

Religion and the

Boundaries and divides we place

On ourselves and each other.

Thank you that you know

The places of deepest loss,

Darkness and trouble,

And offer us kindness, strength

And courage in this hard world.

John 14 v 15-21

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