Wednesday Riff: Heart Song

The human heart is rather like an old attic.

It is a place of storage, a place of memories.

We wander through it and discover things

long forgotten, things we kept for a rainy day,

things we have hidden. We seldom take our

visitors there and even our families only get a

rare glimpse. But sometimes, on vacant rainy

days we may drag the one we most love up

those dusty steps through the cobwebs and

memories and share an hour of laughter and

hope, healing and tears as we uncover what

we most treasure and most fear. The human

heart is a place of storage, but like any attic,

it may only hold so much, so we do well to fill

it with precious things. It is the source of all

we are, all we do, the spring of our life.

Proverbs 4 v 23, Ephesians 4 v 23

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  1. Senan of Somerset says:

    Perfectly put!

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