Film Friday: Supersize Me/The Founder

We are what we eat. Didn’t somebody once say that? This week I managed to watch a couple of movies, both about that great place of worship – McDonald’s! We most of us pitch up there from time to time, break bread and share drinks. A meeting of minds and bodies, appetites and desires. I can’t help thinking that Jesus would have hung out there frequently had they had a first century Maccy Dee’s, meeting the people and listening and telling stories. He might even have made five buns and a couple of burgers feed a few thousand on one particular feast day. He certainly went where the people went. The first film I saw this week was The Founder about the small, family-centred beginnings of this global franchise, a tale of vision, innovation and damaging ambition. The second was Supersize Me a documentary about a guy eating McDonald’s and nothing but McDonald’s for a month to see what effect it had on him. The results were not pretty. This was a cautionary tale about what goes in and what comes out. I like McDonald’s, I like fast food, I have no moral high ground here! And I can well understand why the writers of the Bible use food as a metaphor for our need and longing for the things of God. ‘Why spend your cash on food that doesn’t really hit the spot?’ the prophet asks in Isaiah 55 v 2. And Jesus spoke of another kind of food, another sort of sustenance, that comes from knowing and following God. When he talked of us getting to know him he set it in the context of sharing a good meal. ‘If you let me into your life we’ll share a meal as friends,’ he said in Revelation chapter 3. Not so much fast food, but a lifelong lunch.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    I’ve seen this film Dave and found it fascinating. It’s really good the way you connect fast food to Isaiah 55:2. I will check out this passage in Isaiah as soon as I can.

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