Wednesday Riff: Fretting


We fret about so many things

Surviving, success, stability,

Being accepted, being strong,

Our looks, our finances, our family.

Those we love, those we like, those we fear,

Our past, our present, our future.

How we will make it through the days,

The nights, and the months to come.

There is a song beyond the white noise of worry.

A tune that calls us to lift our eyes,

Above the onslaught of discordant days,

To one who offers friendship, wisdom, and trust.

Confidence for the steps we must take,

Not demanding we become something else,

But drawing us closer to him,

So he may draw true humanity from us,

Calming the panic that rages,

And the nagging pressures which wears us out.

An understanding guide, a source of strength,

For the fretting and the white noise.

So many things call for our attention,

But one thing can change our perspective.

Luke 10 v 38-42

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  1. Senan of Somerset says:

    Hi Dave,

    So very true in so many ways. Living in the now and exploring the moment.

    There’s a moment in one of my favourite films, Star Trek, Insurrection… “…you explore the galaxy… we explore the moment, and galaxies of experience in that moment…” (apologies if I’ve not got it word perfect).

    God bless

    Senan of Somerset

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