Film Friday Reflection: Love Actually

In this romantic comedy there is a moment when young Sam tries to say farewell to the love of his life but is stopped in his tracks at airport security. Just when it seems all is lost, a stranger steps out of the shadows, and distracts the man at passport control by making a melodramatic and fruitless search for his passport and ticket. As this takes place Sam is able to slip past the gate and make it through to say a fond farewell. The stranger meanwhile just shrugs and slips away, but not before giving Sam’s dad a knowing look. In the book of Genesis, chapter 14, whilst reading of the exploits of Abraham and Sarah, we suddenly encounter a mysterious stranger who steps out of the shadows to bless them. Who is this Melchizedek? Where has he come from? We thought it was just Abe and his family following God into the unknown, but now we find this stranger bringing a blessing and bread and wine to them. In Hebrews 7 we’re told that Melchizedek is a king of peace and a king of justice, but we’re also told that his background is something of a mystery. He comes as God’s advocate to Abraham, bringing bread and wine, reminders of our need of Jesus. The Servant King of justice and peace. I’ve known a few Melchizedek moments, times when a stranger has brought help, blessing and goodness to me, unexpectedly. A bit of guidance or encouragement, or a smile, a helping hand, and a kind word. May you know a few Melchizedek moments as you need them in the days ahead, and maybe we’ll be part of a Melchizedek moment this week for someone else, stepping out of the shadows to help them.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Great link from the film to the narrative of Melchizedek. It certainly is an intriguing episode in the life of Abraham. You are also right to connect this scene to the book of Hebrews. Thanks for opening up these links Dave. It makes me want to go back and read Genesis 14 and Hebrews 7 again.

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