A Penny for Them

Penny for the guy, we used to cry,

Though we had no idea why.

It was just a night to set things alight,

Without knowing much about Guy.


His political fight fizzled that night,

And he ended up losing his life,

Whatever our view about what he tried to do,

They were times of trouble and strife.


And that whizzing sound, as the wheel spun round,

Was just a bright, fizzing flurry,

Didn’t know it could mean that St Katherine,

Gave her life to set people free.


Kath’s sad end may well be legend,

But it nudges us towards a cry.

Tyrants reign and dominate again,

And powerless people die.


With Katherine in mind, we continue to find

A world where many aren’t free,

Where freedom of speech lies beyond reach,

And justice cries out for mercy.


Blame is the way in the world today

But kindness may well be wise,

Thank God for those who walk the roads

Of compassion for the marginalised.

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