Nativity Drama

A simple Nativity Drama in various scenes which could be acted live, presented as a reading using a group of voices, or presented to camera and filmed for sharing. You can download a copy for printing by clicking the title here – Nativity Drama.

A Roman Soldier speaks to the audience/camera:

All right now, quiet everyone, quiet. Now I know it’s a nuisance but you’ve got to go on this journey. The Roman government are taking this census and they want to count you all. So you have to go to the place where you were born, and in your case – it’s Bethlehem. It’s a long way to Bethlehem about 70 miles. So get ready for the journey. It’s not the sort of thing you want to do if you’re pregnant. But I can see that we have a couple here – Mary and Joseph who not far off having their baby. Oh well. Come on then – follow me.

Wise man to the audience/camera:

Excuse me! Sorry to bother you but I’ve got a bit of a problem! I’m supposed to be with two other wise men but I’ve lost my way. It’s a bit embarrassing because I’m supposed to be a wise man as well. But I forgot the gift of frankincense I was bringing and had to go back for it. So if you get to Bethlehem before me – tell them I’m on my way, thanks… (Wanders off looking lost)

Joseph and Mary walk up to the staff at the inn:

Joseph: Oh are we pleased to see you. We need a room, with a cot please for a baby.
Staff: Sorry. Busy night. No spare rooms left I’m afraid.
Joseph: What?? But we need a bed and quick! And a midwife if you’ve got one too.
Staff: Well, we keep the animals in a stable round the back.
Joseph: Has it got a nice big bed.
Staff: It’s got a big smelly pile of hay.
Mary: It’ll have to do.
Staff: Come on, I’ll show you. Mind you don’t step in any cow dung.
(Mary says “Ow!” and rubs her stomach)

A group of angels. One of them speaks to the audience/camera:

Quiet everyone! Quiet! Now you don’t need to be afraid. You may not have seen an angel before but don’t panic – we’ve got some really good news for you! Today – in the town of Bethlehem – a new baby has been born. Now I know there’s been lots of babies born in the town tonight, especially with so many extra people coming for the census – but this baby is different. This is how you’ll know which one he is. Look for a child lying in an animal trough in a stable. He’ll be wrapped in strips of cloth. That’s the baby. And he’s come to bring peace on earth and glory to God. Good news eh?

In the stable the Innkeeper’s wife talks to the audience/camera, and indicates Mary and Joe:

Shhh! Try not to make too much noise. You see this couple here. This is Joe, and his wife Mary. And look! Look! They’ve had a baby. Can you believe it? A brand new baby! On a night like this! And out here in this place! They’ve used that animal trough for a cot. I bet they didn’t expect to have her baby in this sort of situation. Hang on, what’s all that noise out there? We need peace and quiet!


In the stable, Mary holds her baby, and some shepherds arrive:

Joe says to them:
What are you lot all doing here?

We were told about the baby. We’ve come to see him.

Who told you? Have people been gossiping?

No, it was some angels! Big people – all shiny bright in the sky. They told us to come and look for your baby because he’s special and different. Can we hold him?

I’m not sure, you don’t smell very good.

Neither do you. Nobody does in this place.

Let them Joe, if they come to see the baby.

Joe takes the baby from Mary and carefully hands him to the shepherd. The other shepherds all gather round cooing over the baby.


Then some wise people arrive with their gifts.
Joe says:
Not more visitors!

Wise person 1 says:
Is this the right place? We went to King Herod but he wasn’t the king we were looking for, he was downright horrible. Is this baby the new king?

Wise person 2 says:
We bought some gifts. Gold because he’s a king, and incense because he’s God’s baby, and some myrrh as well…

Myrrh! That’s for embalming dead bodies!

Wise person 3:
I know, it wasn’t my first choice for a present. But we think he might have to give his life to help us. You know in the future.

Wise person 4:
I did bring a rattle for him as well though.

Innkeeper’s wife:
All right you lot that’s enough. I think the baby needs some quiet.
That’s all for now. Off you go then, off you go. That’s the end of the show for now.

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