Film Friday Classic: A Town Like Alice

In Nevil Shute’s classic tale an Australian soldier is crucified for helping a group of refugee women and children wandering across Malaya during World War Two. Some of the group think he may be God revisiting the earth, as their lives take an uplift after this appalling incident. But Jean, who knows and respects this man well, knows that Joe is very human. It reminds me of something that still resonates with us today. Joe is flawed and human, but he embodies the love of God for those he meets. One of my favourite sayings is this: ‘We’re the best bit of multimedia God has in this world.’ As flawed and wayward as we are, we can be a living snapshot of the Love that gives us life.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Thanks for this post Dave. I didn’t know about this film and the soldier who is crucified. Very much like your saying about multimedia. Insightful.

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