Monday Rewrite: Wilderness Voice

A voice calls out in the wilderness,
Offering comfort and a way forward.
‘Lift up your eyes, look to the skies,
And to the one who set them in place.
Bring your troubles to him,
Your anxieties, your fears about the future,
The burdens that wear you down,
The fog that blurs your vision,
And the despair that steals your hope.
Bring your troubles and all that is on your mind,
Bring your emptiness and your loss.
Bring those things which make your heart ache,
Those things which haunt your soul.
Bring the panic and the racing thoughts,
Pour them out, as if talking with a friend.
Bring them each day and each night.
They are too much for you to carry alone.
So come as you are, wherever you are,
With your mess and your muddle,
Your fears, your fury and your frustration.
Please come, the real you, that is enough.’

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  1. Sandra says:

    This rewrite so helpful this week. Thank you

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