A story with responses: Love is patient

A responsive reading. Ideal for assemblies, all-age worship and Sunday schools.

A single narrator reads the following piece while the audience joins in with the responses whenever they hear the keywords. (N.B. The responses should be taught to everyone before the story begins)



Snobby                       Stick nose in the air and say: “Oh I say!”

Bad-tempered          Growl at the person next to you: “Grrrr!”

Pout                            Stick bottom lip out and put hands on hips huffily

Shout                          All shout: “Oi!”

Horrible                     Pull a horrible face, stick tongue out, say “Ughh!”

Tired                           All yawn and stretch

Best                             Punch the air and say: “Yes!”

Forever                       Look amazed, wide eyed and say wondrously, “Wow!”

Green                         Point to something green


Love is patient, it waits for the slowest.

And love is kind, and very caring.

It is not jealous, it does not turn green with envy.

It is never proud or stuck-up or snobby.

Love is not ill-mannered or rough with others.

It is not selfish or bad-tempered.

Love does not demand its own way.

Love does not pout,

Love does not scream and shout to get attention.


Love does not keep a list of the people it does not like and the things they have done wrong.

Love is not happy with horrible things.

But is happy with the good things and honest things.

Love never gives up; it does not get tired and lie down for a rest.

It does not wander off and leave us on our own.

You can trust it, it always hopes for the best.

Love never gives up – and it lasts forever.


But it’s hard to be like that. It’s hard to be full of love.

Sometimes we’re all snobby, bad-tempered horrible and tired.

Sometimes we pout and shout and turn green with envy.


But God doesn’t. He is patient and kind and always waits for the slowest –

and even though we can’t see him or understand him –

he’s the best, he’s full of love and kindness,  and he’ll be with us forever.

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