Wednesday Riff: The Muddle

At times the road doesn’t seem to rise to meet us,
It’s as if life buckles and slips from our grasp,
The doors keep closing and the way is unclear,
The days get us down, and the nights weigh heavy.
Weakness is a shared language that we all know,
Though speaking it takes courage,
It’s a risky, frightening thing when all around
Life seems to be about success and winning.
But the cracks in our life, as many as they are,
Can let in even the smallest shafts of light,
And allow that light to spill across the lives of others.
I wish it were another way. Perhaps we all do.
We’d prefer to be shiny, happy people,
Popular, strong, right, witty and wise.
But we frequently tumble and fall,
Slump in our weak, lonely, and foolish ways.
So this is our offering, this is what we bring,
Our strength and weakness, our wrongs and rights,
Our wisdom and foolishness, our silly and sombre ways,
And the thoughts that chase around our heads.
Thank you that we can come home each day,
And you welcome us with warm hope in your eyes.

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  1. Peter Ede says:

    Thank you for this message of realism and HOPE in these difficult days. It is so easy to get weighed down and forget that the welcome is always there if we open our eyes

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