Palm Sunday Interactive Story

With Palm Sunday coming soon, here’s an interactive version of the happening that day.
Teach the congregation the following responses and invite them to join in, as you tell this version of Palm Sunday.

Cheering – All cheer  King – All bow or salute  Donkey – Make donkey noises
Hard – Wipe brow and sigh loudly Muttering – All mutter: ‘Mutter mutter mutter!’
Famous – All say: ‘Wow!’ Romans – All booo!
Nasty – all growl Greedy – rub hands

When Jesus was a boy he heard a famous story about a king riding into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. It had been said a long time ago that one day a king would ride on a donkey, and that would make you like a very different king. A king who wasn’t nasty or greedy. But a king who cared about people.

So one day Jesus told his friends to get a donkey and arrange for him to ride into Jerusalem. His friends were very excited because they knew the famous story too. So they got a donkey and Jesus sat on it.

They walked behind him as he rode down the road towards the famous city of Jerusalem, and soon people began to notice. People from the city began to run into the streets to watch this king coming, riding on this little donkey. This very little donkey. This very, very, very little donkey. And the people began cheering and waving palm branches.

The people of Jerusalem had a hard life. The Romans were in charge and they made life very hard for everyone so people that hoped Jesus would get rid of the nasty and greedyRomans for them.
When the Romans saw Jesus they began muttering. They didn’t want a new king causing trouble. The nasty and greedy… Romans thought they were in charge – not Jesus.

The city leaders in Jerusalem were muttering too. So they went up to Jesus and said, ‘Stop everyone cheering.’
But Jesus smiled and laughed.
‘How can I do that?’ he said. ‘And even if they did stop the stones on the street would start cheering. Everyone knows this is a special day.’
The leaders in Jerusalem heard the cheering and waving and muttering and they saw the king on the donkey and they remembered the famous story. And they were wondered –
Did this mean that one day Jesus would become king?

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