Imagine That

If you look up Paint. A Short Lego Film by Jon Rolph on YouTube, you will find a remarkable short movie. Jon recreates a painting by Mondrian, without any paint. Better just to watch it to see how he does it. It reminds me how creative people can be. We sometimes think some of us are creative and others not so much. But every time you send a text, have a conversation, take a photograph, share a smile or write an email, you are creating something that was not there before. We use our imaginations all the time. We need them to solve problems, to imagine a different way forward.
So how much more is God creative, and continuing to be creative. He has not stood still since he finished phase one of the universe. His artistry goes on. In the tiny everyday things and in the wondrous, gobsmacking events. Why would he stop? He loves making things, and I think he most loves it when he does it through us. He sprinkles ideas and dreams and challenges and nudges all the time. He goes on making ways back for us, ways to start again, ways to keep going, ways to share forgiveness and compassion with others.

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