A couple of prayers

Turn our attention towards you, we pray,
So that we may turn our attention to a different kind of life.
Turn our attention towards you,
That we might see the world in a different light.
Turn our attention towards you,
So that our priorities might shift a little,
Turn our attention towards you,
So that we might see ourselves and others through your eyes.

Help me to laugh at myself a little more,
help me to see the funny side,
of my foibles and flaws,
those times when I trip over my own feet,
and put my foot in my mouth once again.
Those embarrassing moments
when I do the wrong thing,
say the wrong thing.
Show me how to smile,
when I’m tempted to frown or to scowl
and help me to hear the laughter
in your voice and to sense the smile
in your presence when I really need it,
in Jesus name, amen.

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