Jesus made God visible and approachable,
he was there when there was nothing,
he was the beginning of all life.
He was the spark of the big bang,
the one who flung stars into space and set the planets spinning.
He is the source of life that never runs out, even today.
All the rulers, prime ministers, kings, queens, presidents, CEOs,
and all of us precious, unique people,
you and I, we have been made by him.
He was around when nothing else was around,
before time itself, when there was no time,
no before or after. Only the present moment.
He was the seed of all life in the universe.
Everything we can see and everything we cannot.
He put it all together. And the greatest thing is…
we can get to know him.
Day by day. Step by step. Little by little. The greatest king.

Colossians 1 15-17

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