No More & Forever

No More

Then I saw a new earth, and a new hope,
For the old way of things had passed away.
God himself will forever live with his people,
And he will remove all their sorrows.
There will be no more plastic waste, or global warming,
No more littering or vandalism,
No more slavery or corruption or trafficking,
No more misuse of power.
No more fear of loss or death,
No more sickness or crying or pain,
No one invading countries and stealing land,
No more cyber bullying, or constant complaining,
No more finger pointing or sniping,
No more overcrowding, or sleeping rough,
No more sleepless nights or fear of the dark.
No more consumerism, or reliance on drugs.
No one in need or going to bed hungry,
No more envy or greed or heartbreak.
No more wishing we were somewhere else,
Or wishing we were some one else. 
No more bad headlines or fake stories.
For the old world and its evils will be gone forever.

(Revelation 21)


The grass withers and the flowers fade,
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
We rise and fall succeed and fail,
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
We long for more and look in the wrong places,
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
The days fly by like speeding cars,
Life feels like an endless treadmill,
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
Right is called wrong and wrong right,
We feel at the mercy of hearsay and noisy opinions,
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
The promises of the Lord stand forever,
The compassion of the Lord stands forever,
The resurrection life of the Lord stands forever,
And our hope is found in him.

(Isaiah 40 v 6-8. and 1 Peter 1 v 24-25)

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