This film tells the story of the famous mime artist Marcel Marceau and a group of his friends, who rescued hundreds of children during World War Two and helped them to escape to safety from occupied France. Marceau and the others showed incredible courage in the face of terrible oppression as they set about helping groups of orphaned children over the mountains to freedom in Switzerland.

Early in the film, when the first group of terrified children arrive in France, Marceau uses his developing skills as a mime artist to draw them out of their fear and help the children laugh at his silent and funny storytelling. It made me think about the various ways we can offer who we are to others as we set about bringing light and hope. I used to be a mime artist myself and on one occasion I had a conversation with someone who told me they had learned to hide from words, but that the message of my mime had slipped under their defences and in some way had helped them.

In one sense we are all called into setting others free in small ways, and offering peace in the turmoil of this world, and all we can offer is who we are and what we can do so God can use that, not because we are strong but because he is, not because we are good but because he is. Anything can be used by God to share his light and love, our hobbies, our work, our life experiences, our personalities, even our mistakes and failures. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy, and we can offer all we are to him today, right now, in this moment, as we go about our ordinary lives – to draw on a quote Philippians 2 from The Good news Bible – we may feel tarnished and battered but with God’s help we can – shine among people like stars lighting up the sky, as we offer the message of life.

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