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I’m currently reading Tales of a Country Parish by Colin Heber-Percy – a thoughtful and uplifting collection of writings from 2020. As the book moves into winter of that year, Colin sees the Christmas lights appearing in the empty high street and wonders about them, reflecting on the purpose of them when there is no one around. And this led to a discussion with Lynn about the things in this world that no one sees. Last year, watching a series of Race Across the World, we saw the Rainbow Mountain in Peru, apparently the vibrant colours were unseen until a decade ago. Yet they were there. Hidden under ice and snow. Still beautiful without an audience. We live in an age when we often feel we need to legitimise things by offering them to an audience – look at me now! Legitimising this thought by sharing it with you!! But if there’s something to hold onto here, it’s surely that we are each precious and priceless without needing the world to tell us so. Our lives don’t need a wider audience. There are so many places of wonder in this world that no human has ever seen. They are there because they are created. Not seeking accolades or permission. And you and I are created and valued. Now I’d be the first to say that the encouragement of others is a wonderful thing, what a difference that can make, to lift others up. But we are precious beyond words too. Unique and given honour by the one who made us and knows us so well. ‘…what are mortals that You should think of us, mere humans that You should care for us? For You made us only a little lower than the angels, and You crowned us with glory and honour.’ Psalm 8

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