The King & Queen – a parable

Once there was a good king and queen, who established a safe and fair kingdom. Everyone cared about each other, and people prospered and lived in peace. The king and queen had worked out the best way to make life work for everyone and they loved spending time with their people. Together they were creating a new kingdom. But over time some folks forgot about the king and queen and came up with their own ways of doing things, and as a result the kingdom began to fall apart. Others grew angry and disappointed and blamed the king and queen for the problems that now occurred. And as more time went by others came along who had never even heard that there was a good king and queen. And a fog descended as the kingdom grew harsher and colder, people became suspicious of each other, and more isolated, and critical. And there was a lot more scowling than smiling. Instead of seeing everyone as friends people drew lines in the sand and marked out boundaries. And new feelings of emptiness and loneliness took a hold. So the people created technology, consumerism and other soothing distractions to fill the gap in their life, and yet somehow it just made the gap bigger. The king and queen wanted to restore the relationship but would never force people to care about them, so instead they left signs around the kingdom, attempts to catch the people’s attention and draw them back. There were some who rediscovered the king and queen, and others who had never forgotten about them. But they still struggled with the effects of emptiness and loneliness. And though it was not easy, some of them kept in touch with the king and queen and did their best to love and live according to the kingdom. Some saw this as outdated and irrelevant, but it drew others to wonder, and to ask questions, and to rediscover what the kingdom was really all about. And little by little, one heart at a time, the fog lifted and people began to wake up again.

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