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Film Friday

Film Friday

A weekly Movie Moment that brings the Bible to life.

Film Friday: Swimming with Men

Eric is having a mid-life crisis, his days are grey, his work unfulfilling, his family life a struggle. What to do… what to do? The swimming pool is often his … Read on

Film Friday: A Quiet Place

Following an alien invasion Lee and Evelyn have to do everything they can to protect their family from the deadly alien predators. They have one huge problem, the aliens cannot … Read on

Film Friday: The Bookshop

It is 1959, and Florence Green decides she would like to open a bookshop in a small village. Even if no one else likes the idea. She is determined and … Read on

Film Friday: The Book Club

For Diane Vivian Sharon and Carol, life has not gone as they planned. They had high hopes for love and have all found themselves ambushed in one way or another. … Read on

Film Friday: Edie

There is a defining moment in the film Edie when Edie is in her local café eating a quiet chip supper. She asks her friend behind the counter if it’s … Read on

Film Friday: Oceans 8

When Debbie Ocean is released from prison she promises not to contact any of her crooked friends. Yes. And pigs might fly. Whilst doing porridge she has been plotting her … Read on

Film Friday: On Chesil Beach

When Edward and Florence first meet, at a CND meeting (not the most romantic of places!) it is love at first sight. They fall deeply for each other, embark on … Read on

Film Friday: That Good Night

Ralph is not well and not happy. His relationship with his son Michael has always been strained. When he invites Michael for a meal so he can talk about his … Read on

Film Friday: The Leisure Seeker

When Will drops around to his parents’ house to take his mum to a hospital appointment he discovers the place is empty, and their Recreational Vehicle, The Leisure Seeker, is … Read on

Film Friday: Journey’s End

When newly arrived officer Raleigh appears on the front line in the same battalion as his old friend Stanhope the two are in for a shock. The hard-drinking Stanhope is … Read on

Film Friday: The Mercy

When Donald Crowhurst hears of the Sunday Times challenge to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly he decides to take up the challenge, even though he has little experience of this kind … Read on

Film Friday: Wonder Wheel

When Carolina walks back into Jenny’s and Humpty’s lives there is trouble at t’mill. Or rather, at the fairground, at the carousel and the Wonder Wheel. Carolina had previously married … Read on

Film Friday: Mary Magdalene

When Jesus visits Magdala a young woman there, Mary, hears him teaching and is drawn to follow him. So she gets baptised and becomes one of his disciples. Jesus was … Read on

Film Friday: Peter Rabbit

When old Mr McGregor pops his clogs chasing Peter and his sisters (Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail), young Mr McGregor comes out from the city to take up residence. He’s not … Read on

Film Friday: Denial

David Irving is a renowned historian and writer who denies the holocaust. He decides to sue author and historian Deborah Lipstadt for libel, for comments she has made about him … Read on

Film Friday: Phantom Thread

Reynolds Woodcock is a brilliant dressmaker, and a deeply insecure man. He cannot work properly if anything disrupts his neatly ordered world, and his female friend, housemate and PA Cyril … Read on

Film Friday: The Circle

When Mae joins The Circle, a giant, global social media company, she is drawn into an experiment, where she will wear a camera all through the day and be totally … Read on

Film Friday: Finding Your Feet

When snobby Sandra discovers that her husband is having an affair, she promptly moves out and goes to live with her down-to-earth sister, Bif. The life change is a bit … Read on

Film Friday: The Founder

When milkshake machine salesman Ray comes across a small take away called McDonalds in 1950s St Bernardino, he can’t believe how quick, efficient and tasty the burger meal is… Ray … Read on

Film Friday: Early Man

When a bunch of cavemen meet the forward-thinking chaps from the bronze age there’s a whole lot of shaking going on. It begins one strange day, when something unexpected comes … Read on

Film Friday: The Post

When Daniel Ellsberg returns from reporting on the ground in the Vietnam War he is shocked and disillusioned. The truth is clearly out there and not being told. So he … Read on

Film Friday: Ida

It is the early 1960s in Poland, and novice nun Anna is about to take her vows, but before she does so the Mother Superior tells her she must visit … Read on

Film Friday: Darkest Hour

It is May 1940. As the fascists make their ruthless dash across mainland Europe Britain is in turmoil. Many of its leaders long for peace, the terrible memories of World … Read on

Film Friday: John Wick

The son of a local gangster and his mates break in to John Wick’s house, steal his car and kill his dog. So Mr John Wick is understandably rather displeased. … Read on