A time for everything?

At a recent service I spoke about the wedding at Cana, and Jesus spending a lot of times at parties, and the way he likened God’s kingdom to a feast. Afterwards I was chatting to a friend at church and he told me an amazing story about an incident recently when he accidentally injured himself with a knife and passed out. He then saw a vision of heaven – and it was a party. He was in a room full of people all thoroughly enjoying themselves. He felt completely at ease there and as if he’d always been there. There was no time and he had no sense of a physical body. But he was having a great time, totally at peace along with everyone else. He really didn’t want to leave and felt completely at home – but had to as his family brought him round again.

This got us chatting about a world without time – something impossible to comprehend really – ┬ábut something which was a key part of his vision. With no time you can live in the now. Forever. No loss. No decay. No regrets. No impatience about moving on. As we chatted I wondered whether that devious snake didn’t slip Adam and Eve a couple of Rolexes in the garden of Eden, thus corrupting life forever. One day there will be no time and none of the difficulties that come with it. No painful memories, no dashed hopes, no shattered dreams, no haunting fears. No missed deadlines, no hangovers or stomach upsets. Nothing negative that can develop with the movement of time. Just the now. The present moment. Spent in the company of the God of the now, the great I Am.

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  1. Tim Childs says:

    Great post Dave, and much food for thought.

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