Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 44

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‘So, there was this little girl, and she was massive, I mean absolutely massive. Like a huge monster.’
‘How could she be massive if she was little?’
‘Be quiet. And when she looked at you her eyes were like humongous turquoise lasers that could burn a hole right through your head.’

‘All right Mr Sky, that’s enough of the story telling for now.’
Mr Quintius came into the classroom and ushered them all to their seats. The group around Tiberius, enthralled and terrified at his account of his and Normal’s trip to earth, groaned with disappointment.
‘But sir, I was just telling them about our mission…’
‘Was that the mission that you weren’t supposed to go on but went anyway? At midnight?’
‘Yes… no… well… er…’

‘Sit down Mr Sky. You’ll meet plenty more humans as time goes by and I guarantee they won’t have turquoise eyes like lasers.’
‘Ohhhh….’ the others groaned with more disappointment.
Mr Quintius glanced at Normal. He wasn’t groaning. He was rolling his eyes at Tiberius’s story.
‘Right, today’s lesson is pretty boring I’m afraid.’ The class drooped in their seats. ‘It’s – a flying lesson.’

Everyone sat up.
‘Really, sir?’ asked Otto Breeze.
‘Really Mr Breeze,’ said Mr Quintius.
Tiberius punched the air. ‘Excellent!’ he said.
Petrona looked back from daydreaming out of the window.

‘But sir,’ she said, ‘I don’t have any wings.’
‘We don’t need wings, Miss Punch, that’s the thing. It has been said that angels have wings. But we don’t. And we still fly. Come on, everyone out onto the sports fields. Follow me.’
‘Can we fly there, sir?’ asked Otto. ‘Pleeeease?’
‘Hardly Mr Breeze,’ said Mr Quintius, with a broad grin, ‘you haven’t learned how to yet.’

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