The Fun Dust Bible: Part Six

A little bit mad, a little bit anarchic, but hopefully unexpected and engaging…

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Part Six: The Bit with the Tiny Voice
Thirty-eight soldiers came pouring out of the Bible and they made the church look a lot livelier than it had looked in a long time. The man with the white beard who looked like Father Christmas abandoned his big bonfire and ran to the back of the church. They chased him and so he ran back down to the front. Round and round the church they went and folks started to bet on who would win. Then suddenly, one by one, the soldiers disappeared, just evaporated into thin air, until Mr White Beard was on his own. The church was suddenly very quiet, and a rumbling started, the pews shook, the pillars rippled, the floor did a forward roll, and the pulpit did a triple jump. Everyone gasped. Then a big wind came rushing through, it wasn’t old father Raspberry, who sometimes ate too many beans, it blew open the front door, rattled the windows, lifted up anyone who was under 6 stone and juggled with them for a moment, then it hustled on out of the back door. Then a ball of fire came whizzing round everyone’s heads, it singed some and gave others a short back and sides. It also tidied up those with excess eyebrows and ear and nose hair. And all through this Mr White Beard didn’t move, he watched it all. Then shook his head.
‘Was that God?’ everyone asked at the same time, as if they’d spent three weeks rehearsing saying the line.
But he shook his head again. Then he held up a hand and everyone listened hard.
There was the tiniest of sounds, like a breath, or a half whisper, you had to really listen to hear it. Some folks turned up their hearing aids until the things whistled. Everyone looked at Mr White Beard. He smiled and nodded.
‘Yep, he said, now that was God.’
And he slowly ambled back towards the big Bible at the front. Just before he climbed into it, he turned and said, ‘You have to listen quietly, and you have to listen regularly.’
Then he leapt in the air, did a triple back somersault, which was impressive for his age, and nose-dived back into the Bible. Everyone applauded. They waited for a good thirty seconds but when he didn’t reappear and do any more tricks most of them plumped up their pillows, straightened their sleeping bags and hammocks and dozed off again. But one or two didn’t. They sat there… still listening.
Jed and Yolanda looked at each other… (to be continued)

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