Film Friday: Blinded by the Light

There is a moment in this movie when Javed gives a heartfelt speech about his passion for writing and for the music of Bruce Springsteen, and for the love he has for his family. And when he sits down afterwards, it’s hard for him to hold back the tears. So much so that you wonder if Viveik Kalra, the actor playing Javed, really felt emotional himself. It’s a unique moment as you would expect him to feel relieved having spoken up, but the emotion of doing it wells up visibly within him. Jesus got emotional. He cried over a lost city and again over a lost friend. Anger boiled up inside of him over injustice and he told funny stories which I’m sure brought laughter to his lips. All part of being fully human of course. I like Keith on The Great Pottery Throwdown, who frequently gets moved to tears by the creativity of those on the show. I love that, I really do. I often get emotional when watching films, hearing stories of hope and kindness, and then retelling them. It’s surprising that we expect people to laugh regularly when something is funny, and yet may not expect people to cry openly when something is moving. Tears are sometimes incorrectly seen as weakness, and yet I believe that to bury them causes damage to us as people. So here’s to more expressed emotion, a time to laugh and a time to cry…

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Dave – thanks very much for these thoughts on this film. Javed sounds like a very interesting character. I appreciate you writing about so many films Dave.

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