Jesus and The Blind Man (John 9 v 1-16) – a simple drama

Cast – Narrator, Jesus, blind person, a couple of friends, two disciples, a couple of locals, two Pharisees

This drama needs no rehearsals, just volunteers on the day who are guided by the narrative which also serves as the stage directions. It’s designed to be a fun experience rather than a polished drama. Best to have a narrator who can guide everyone through in a relaxed manner, if things go wrong, don’t panic! It can add to the drama.

(You can download a copy of this script here – Jesus and The Blind Man script )

Narrator: There was once a man who had been born blind, and every day his friends took him to his favourite spot in town.

(Friends guide the blind man on stage)

One day, Jesus and his friends came walking along, and they saw a man who was standing near, he had been blind from birth.

(Jesus and his friends walk on, and see the blind man and his friends)

Jesus’s disciples turned to Jesus and asked him, “Why was this man born blind? Was it because of all the terrible things he has done, or the terrible things his parents have done?”

(Friends mime asking Jesus this)

Jesus shook his head. “No! It wasn’t because of anybody’s sins,” he said, and he pointed to the man and then up to God. “He was born blind so the power of God could be seen in him.”

(Jesus mimes saying this, pointing to the man and then to God)

Then he turned to everyone, held out his hands and said, ‘I am the light of the world and I’m going to bring light to his life and yours.”

(Jesus turns to the audience and holds out his arms, smiling)

And then he put a friendly hand on the man’s shoulder.

(Jesus puts his hand on the man’s shoulder)

Then Jesus spat on the ground,

(Jesus pretends to do this)

Then he picked up a handful of dust and saliva and mixed it in his hand to make some sticky mud,

(He mimes doing this)

and then he placed the mud on the blind man’s eyes and gently smoothed it round.

(Jesus mimes doing this)

The blind man looked a bit surprised. And so did Jesus’s friends.

(The blind man and the friends look shocked)

Then Jesus pointed to a pool of water and said, “Go and have a wash.”

(Narrator points to the pool and then Jesus points to the pool)

So Jesus’s friends helped the man find the pool. The man leant over the water, scooped up a handful, and he cleaned the mud off his eyes.

(The man is led to the pool by one of the friends. He mimes leaning over the pool and scooping handfuls of water on his face, cleaning his eyes)

Then they brought him back with his eyes still closed. We could have a drum roll here.

(They bring the man back to his favourite spot. Encourage an audience drum roll)

And then… he opened his eyes and suddenly he could see!

(The man does this, his eyes wide)

However the daylight was so bright that he covered his eyes up again. He’d never seen the light before.

(The man covers his eyes with his hands)

Then he looked around at everything, he looked at his hands, his feet, his fingers, the sky, the ground… and the audience!

(The man looks around and at everything listed)

The man was amazed, everyone was amazed.

(They all look amazed)

The man spun on the spot with his eyes wide open. And everyone clapped.

(The man spins on the spot. Everyone claps)

Then some local people walked, scratched their heads and said, “This can’t be the blind man!” And they shook their heads and wagged their fingers.

(One or two locals walk on and point to the man and scratch their heads and wag their fingers at him)

But the man nodded and smiled and pointed to himself and said, “I am the man who was blind!”

(The nods and smiles and points to himself)

The people shrugged and frowned and asked, “Who healed you? What happened?”

(The locals shrug and frown)

So the man showed them how Jesus smoothed mud over his eyes… and then he washed it off in the pool. “And now I can see!” he said.

(The man mimes smoothing mud on his eyes and then washing it off)

“Where is Jesus now?” the people asked, and they all looked around but Jesus and his friends slipped away.

(All look round for Jesus, but he and his friends leave)

The man shrugged, and said, “I don’t know.”

(The man shrugs)

They beckoned to some Pharisees, who walked on and pointed their fingers at everyone and asked what had happened.

(The locals beckon to the Pharisees, who come on and point their fingers at everyone.)

So the man showed them how Jesus smoothed mud over his eyes… and then he washed it off in the pool. “And now I can see!” he said.

(The man mimes smoothing mud on his eyes again and then washing it off)

But the Pharisees shook their heads and stamped their feet and growled at everyone.

(The Pharisees shake their heads, stamp their feet, and then growl at everyone)

They shook their fists and said, “Jesus is not from God, he’s breaking all our laws.”

(The Pharisees shake their fists)

But the local people shrugged and said, “How could he do such a marvellous miraculous sign?”

(The locals all shrug)

And while the locals and the Pharisees shook their fists at each other, the blind man smiled and nodded and walked off very happy indeed.

(Pharisees shake their fists at the locals. The blind man smiles. nods and walks off happy.)

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