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Monday Rewrite

Monday Rewrite

Familiar Bible passages, seen with new creative eyes

Monday Rewrite: Identity

The Lord spoke to Abram and Sarai And he changed their names, Seeing a new man, and a new woman, Seeing the people he had created, Seeing beyond the front … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Holy Ground

(A prayer drawing on Exodus 3 vv 1-10) As we stroll, bumble and hurry Through the land of our daily lives, Doing the things we must do, The things we … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Empty

We so often feel we must come to You With the right words, the right feelings, The right account of ourselves from the last week. To be so spiritual, so … Read on

Thursday Rewrite: No New King

From our reporter in Bethlehem. There is talk of a new king in town, but it isn’t going to happen, I can assure you. Herod won’t stand for any competition. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Sisters

Drawing on John 11 vv 20-29 Two sisters trapped in a painful wilderness, There was a brother too but he has gone, That’s why they are in this wilderness. Those … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Keeping Going (A Prayer)

Lord so many have served you down the years – Standing tall, taking risks, their heads above life’s parapet. Some trusted and saw miracles, Some trusted and gave everything for … Read on

Thursday Extra: In The Shadows

It was Christmas Eve, and a dark one at that for Nat Wyldwink. As he trudged home in the half-light he kept glancing to his right and left, his shadow … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Packed Lunch

He knows they’ll need something for the journey. The road is hard out there, the weather can be unkind, and as for some of the fellow travellers…well. He knows they … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Longing

We long for you Lord, Our prayers rise up, Spoken and unspoken. Like something broken longing to be mended, Like bad news longing for good, Like discordant noise longing for … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Jesus’s Manifesto

A reading based on the words of Isaiah 61 vv 1-4 and Luke 4 vv 14-21. Jesus looked at the faces before him. A crowd of questioning, hopeful, wondering, curious, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Paul and Silas in Prison

A responsive story about Paul and Silas, a prison, and an earthquake! Taken from Acts chapter 16 verses 16-34. Teach the audience/congregation the 6 words and responses in bold below, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Advent Creed

We believe in God the Father, creator of heaven and earth. The one who is full of patience, who is not afraid of silence, who does not need to fill … Read on

Monday Rewrite: 30 Years

There were nights, so many night, when she would slip close to his bed and just stand there, watching him sleep, startling him sometimes on the occasions when he woke … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Traps and Taxes

Narrator: The Pharisees continued their ploys to try and trap Jesus. Pharisee: Teacher, we know you are a man of great integrity. You are very honest and always tell the … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Nine Nails

He had a dream last night. The usual one. He’s standing at the foot of three crosses and the middle one is empty. Who was supposed to be on it? … Read on

Saturday Extra: Face to Face

I saw him in a bar, didn’t like the look of him at all, wasn’t what I was expecting. Hair a little too ragged, a little too long. He’d shaved … Read on

Monday Rewrite: No Feelgood End??

From our reporter in Jerusalem. It would surely be the most incredible ending in all history if the carpenter from Nazareth should somehow walk away alive and well from his … Read on

Thursday Extra: Two Famous Men

Two famous men, both wanted, both guilty. By the end of the day one will be dead, the other never more alive. The first guilty man wakes, sits up, feels … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Mind Fields

The other night I took a ramble through your mind while you went for a wander through mine. Afterwards we sat in silence for a while, a little in awe, … Read on

Friday Extra: Tale of Tales

As I was out walking one day I came across a boy fleeing home towards a risky adventure, his pockets stuffed with his father’s cash. I climbed a fence and … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Artist

I interviewed him lying on his side. Literally. He refused to go to a bar or a coffee shop. Either I lie down in the dirt next to him, or … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Faces

Moses, the reluctant follower, The one who thought his life was over, Out there tending sheep in the desert, Got a shock. Went to look at a few flames and … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Farmer

A reading or solo mime. Click below to play the track. I was out a-walking, (Walk on, stop, look at audience) Just the other day – When I saw a … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Grumpy Old Sinners

The parables Jesus told were often surprising and humorous, taking the listener in unexpected directions, challenging their preconceptions about life and God. With that in mind, here’s a story which … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Jonah’s Stop Off

The prophet Jonah wandered aimlessly through the streets of his old home town. Before long a crowd gathered around him. And the comments came thick and fast. – Hey Jonah! … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Who Knew?

Who knows what they saw? Those soldiers, hammers in hand, flecks of blood on their cheeks, still fresh, still warm. Who knows what made them stop and reassess. Just another … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Gods

A woman went walking in her dreams one night, and suddenly growing wings she was able to fly over the gulf between earth and heaven. She found herself landing on … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Feeding 5000

A group of actors readers present this piece – it may be read with scripts or acted out. Cast – Jesus, peter, Andrew, a teenager, and a couple of other … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Rocking the Boat

Luke 13 vv 10-17 Rewritten One day as Jesus was in church telling stories and listening to his friends he spotted a woman shuffling slowly in the background. He narrowed … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Different

He remembers the smell of the smoke. The acrid fires of the past. The land and life he left behind. The people who burned their crops and offered their children … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Taxman

He stares into space, replaying the last confrontation in his head and hating himself. ‘I want it now! You owe me now! I don’t care if you have to sleep … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Possibilities

Philip saw the crowds and said, ‘Send them home, it would be better that way.’ Andrew saw the same crowds and said, ‘I’ve met this lad with some lunch.’ Philip … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Diner

He rushes in, slips into a seat, his eyes fixed on the view beyond the window. Cars flash by, people still pace the street as if it’s just any old … Read on

Monday Rewrite: A Single Voice

Life leaves us thirsty, longing for more. And in the parched streets, And arid busyness a single voice cries out, ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, Whether rich … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Citizens

A woman and a man meet on a hill In the shadow of a cross. They might be friends or lovers or enemies, From the east, west, north or south. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Aftermath

I would have missed it, could have not noticed, if I’d kept my eyes closed and trodden very carefully. Or perhaps not gone into the town at all. But it … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Clean

I got dung on my hand. Bad dung. I almost gagged. It was the worst thing ever. The feel of it, the smell, the texture, the knowledge that even though I … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Running

Will he run? Again? He stares at the river, the river he just crossed with his family, the river he just crossed a second time to return to this spot … Read on