I regularly post creative pieces which help folks connect with the Bible in a contemporary and down-to-earth way. Please feel free to make use of them if they inspire you. I also post daily short thoughts on Twitter and have produced a variety of books, most of which draw on the Bible.

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Lyrical Riffs Lyrical Riffs

Another Kingdom

A kingdom of hope,where the light always shines,no matter how brooding the darkness,or how oppressive the troubles.A kingdom of nurture and friendship,a kingdom of forgiveness,carried in our hearts and minds,looking …

Dave Hop Dave Hop


‘Thank you,’ Jesus says.‘What for?’ Martha asks, her eyes heavy with disappointment and self-recrimination.‘For sitting here with me now,’ he says. ‘Thank you. And for the meal, the meal was …

Lyrical Riffs Lyrical Riffs


Send the sparks of your life,into our lives again this week.Send the strong beam of your light,into our darkness once again.Sow the seeds of your love into our being and doing …

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100 Movie Moments & More

Movie Movements are three-minute videos linking a film scene to a Biblical theme. Also: movie clips you can use in your talks, sermons and thoughts.

Fave Films

Not so much a recommended list, just some movies we have enjoyed over the last few years…

FREE!! The Sketch Gospel

Every event, conversation, parable and miracle from the 4 gospels redone as dramatic readings and dialogues.


We love telling stories. We do it all the time — in our films, books and social networks. So does God. The Bible is chock-full of stories, from the everyday to the awesome.

The Coverdale Trust

Dave is supported by The Coverdale Trust, a UK Registered Charity, which was established in 1989 for the support of the Christian arts.


A book to help us to reflect on the way God is with us in the everyday, and how ordinary things can remind us of that.
Buy at Amazon (£4.93)
A third collection of biblical psalms rewritten for reflection and sharing.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
A second collection of biblical Psalms retold and reimagined, with space for your own reactions, comments, thoughts and prayers.
Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
Reflections on the ways Jesus and the prophets communicated, and lots of thoughts, ideas and examples of ways we might communicate the good news of the Bible.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
A short book (only 40 pages) reflecting on the way Jesus is about life, not rules, regulations or religion.
Buy at Amazon (£3.22)
I’m a Christian and I’ve loved pop music all my life, so can’t really separate the two.
Buy at Amazon (£4.30)
An expanded version of The Big Bright Rhyming Bible.
Buy at Amazon (£3.99)
A new book full of thoughts, rewritten Bible bits, and creative pieces for reflecting on the life of Jesus.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
Just out: three daring tales in one case book.
Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
A collection of stories and short pieces, some just for the joy of writing, some carry a deeper meaning.
Buy at Amazon (£5.60)
A selection of 60 biblical Psalms re-imagined and rewritten, with space for your reflections and reactions.
Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
When Frank and his sister Jodie discover a little gold boat in the basement of their new home, they find it has the power to take them on a fistful …
Buy at Amazon (£3.50)
Biblical thoughts, reflections, reactions and musings inspired by a few decades of movie watching.

Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
An angel encounters various biblical heroes in the local supermarket.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
A collection of readings, dramas, stories and thoughts for reflecting on the Nativity.
Buy at Amazon (£5.50)
A parable and a folk tale, about a strange place not unlike any other, and a stranger who brings unusual transformation.
Buy at Amazon (£2.83)
A tough, brutal, relentless tale of the prodigal son as he makes his way home through a war zone, colliding with a whole host of biblical heroes and villains along …
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
Another collection of short readings that draw on biblical themes and verses.
Buy at Amazon (£.99)
Dave’s story so far… thrills, spills and a massive amount of ordinariness.
Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
A creative rewrite of the book of Job.
Buy at Amazon (£4.90)
Creative reflections on various biblical themes with space for your own musings, doodles, scribbles and sketches.
Buy at Amazon (£4.79)
A new take on the Gospel of John.
Buy at Amazon (£4.43)
An ordinary guy goes to the pub and, opening his battered Bible, reads and reflects and wonders everything you’ve ever wondered.
Buy at Amazon (£9.99)
Another 101 biblically-themed readings for reflection, worship and discussion.
Buy at Amazon (£4.20)
A re-imagining of Mark’s Gospel, chapter by chapter.
Buy at Amazon (£5)
Jed and Yolanda find everyone asleep in church, so they decide to shake things up a bit with their Fun Dust.
Buy at Amazon (£4.00)
A mix of creative biblical rewrites and reflections on the God who continues to upend our own notions and ideas.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
A humorous version of the Nativity told through the eyes of a bunch of angels.
Buy at Amazon (£3.00)
Lots more readings, dialogues and stories for use in worship, presentations or for reflection.
Buy at Amazon (£5.99)
Dean and Bob can’t resist the article that claims God has arrived and is living in a caravan nearby.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
Noah’s Noisy Boat is a very noisy book!
Buy at Amazon (£5.99)
Bible Based Readings for Reflection and Worship.
Buy at Amazon (£3.00)
A personal take on some key Biblical happenings: from Creation to the Exodus, Christmas to Easter, get the inside track on the One behind it all.
Buy at Amazon (£3.49)
Assorted christian ramblings from a chaotic mind… In 2011 Dave Hopwood began spilling his thoughts and shaking the world, not many people noticed.
Buy at Amazon (£6.25)
Lots of stories from the Bible with the fun left in!
Buy at Amazon (£6.50)
Readings, stories and sketches for easy use in services, events, home meetings and lots of other places.
Buy at Amazon (£5.50)
Guardian Grange: Action, adventure, and tuck boxes!
Buy at Amazon (£5.99)
Four people break into the Bible using a few wires and a glass of green smoking liquid.
Buy at Amazon (£8.50)
120 readings drawing on Bible verses.
Buy at Amazon (£5.80)
A collection of daily, humorous reflections about life and faith from a 50-something Christian man, focusing specifically on his failings, fears and frustrations.
Buy at Amazon (£6.85)
A collection of stories to chew on.
Buy at Amazon (£5.00)
A totally new, action-packed retelling of the life of Jesus.
Buy at Amazon (£6.50)
An easy, entertaining way to read the Bible stories about Jesus.
Buy at Amazon (£6.00)
A page turning, big screen mystery; intrigue, murder and the quest for divine power.
Buy at Amazon
Life, film, faith & the Bible: 66 film clips described with thoughts and questions.
Buy at Amazon
A collection of Biblical parables retold with humorous & serious reflections.
Buy at Amazon
When Jimmy Deal falls through a hole in the ground, at his local fairground, he enters a world where anything can happen.
Coming soon
A trilogy of action adventures for youngsters of all ages.
Buy at Amazon (£1.57)
An old fashioned tale of good guys, bad guys and fully loaded water pistols.
Buy at Amazon (£3.66)
A brief novel about life, friendship, music and faith.
Buy at Amazon (£2.83)
50 brief reflections (each one in 50 words) on extracts from the Book of Revelation.
Buy at Amazon Kindle (£0.99)
50 fifty-word extracts from the life of Jesus.
Buy at Amazon
A collection of 216 short 50-word reflections.
Buy at Amazon (£5.70)
100 film clips, described briefly with themes and Bible references.
Buy at Amazon (£3.00)
Fifty 50-word stories about various biblical prodigals and their different experiences.
Buy at Amazon (£0.99)
A 10 part Bible course drawing on the film Machine Gun Preacher.
Buy at Amazon (£2.99)
One day can change everything – A twisting, jigsaw of a mystery.
Buy at Amazon (£4.26)
The final part of the first Danny Garret Trilogy – the cadets from Nimrods embark on another global mission.
Buy at Amazon (£5.28)
On this, his second adventure, Danny finds himself on a global quest battling dangers and dinosaurs.
Buy at Amazon (£5.09)
Danny Garret is an ordinary boy with a very ordinary life, then one day, to his horror, his father enlists him in the local cathedral choir.
Buy at Amazon (£1.57)
An old fashioned tale of good guys, bad guys and fully loaded water pistols.
Buy at Amazon (£3.71)
A tale of crime, greed, guns & cash and what happens when you put them all together.
Buy at Amazon (£0.99)
The second Max Maguire adventure : ‘Dave is such a good writer, he is able to blend Biblical history facts and brings them to life.
Buy at Amazon
“A nicely mixed ‘blokes’ bag’ of different voices, punchy, pithy, entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring.
Buy at Amazon
Entertaining emails from various Biblical characters.
Buy at Amazon (£4.00)
From Stonehenge to Angkor Wat, at the wrestling, the cinema, the supermarket.
Buy at Amazon
135 interactive Bible stories for all ages.
Buy at Amazon
A town turned upside-down by outrageous radicals.
Buy at Amazon
A novel in which a guy spends 40 days in the grounds of a moorland monastery.
Buy at Amazon (£6.20)
Psalms, God and rock ‘n’ roll.
Coming soon
A gripping, action-packed read, retelling the Bible for adults.
Buy at Amazon
This is a contemporary tale of three men, their women and their dads.
Buy at Amazon
A modern retelling of the story of Jesus, seen through the eyes of Tom, an out-of-work, out-of-luck guy, hanging around on the edges of this remarkable tale.
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A guy takes off for the weekend, escaping family and work pressures; stopping at various places along the way to reflect on Biblical passages and how they relate to his …
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